Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sad News

Dear V. C.
   Sadly, Jimmy Brown of 3rd Ave. passed away on Nov. 28 -07
I have no further news of arrangements yet, will keep you up-dated.
June Broniszewski     3rd Ave.


phil-792 MSN said...

It was a very sad day for a lot of us who new Jim.    When Jim passed, he was surrounded by family and friends who loved him.  His former wife Nancy, children Jimmy jr and Angela and his brothers Alan and Dave were there with him.  Also there were long time childhood friends Mitch Anderson, Danny Mica had flown in from Edmonton and I (Phil Sheen) had arrived from Ottawa.   We all have many great memories from 3rd avenue where we grew up and learned about life.   We will all miss Jimmy very much.   Phil Sheen

queenee66 MSN said...

My sympathy to all of Jimmy's family,and his friends.It was a sad thing to hear.  Sincerely, Sharon Spence

winterhater MSN said...

Phil, do you have a brother Terry?  I knew a Terry Sheen in the 60's/70's.  He had a sister Cathy and brother Phil.

phil-792 MSN said...

Hello Kay, yes Terry is my brother and he lives here in Ottawa.  My older sister Peggy still lives in Verdun and unfortunately Cathy passed away earlier this year.   Phil