Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Horse Drawn Milk Wagon

One of our members (SHGV) is looking for a photo of a Borden Milk Wagon that delivered milk in the Champlain /Argyle/Champlain region in the early 60s. It had a large yellow flower wich was the Borden trade mark.The wagon had double doors on each side and was presumably the last horse drawn milk wagon in the Montreal region.. This would also be an excellant photo for our Archives.
As a trade off, here is a photo of an horse drawn Supreme bread wagon dated no. 5, 1938.


les__f MSN said...

Hello Guy I was looking up Borden stuff yesterday, I was searching for Sealtest,Borden.Elmhurst,.ec etc ,while looking for those crazy horses on the sign,.and I came across some pics of Horse Drawn carts some from Borden's etc etc ,.......  searched laiteries of Montreal too,........Found some interesting pics,but none of the sign:  I didn't bookmark the sites,but if I come across them again I will post them,maybe your friend could use some of the photo's                                                                  Thanks for the input...............hf&rv

kungfu MSN said...

Pain supreme bread in 1938 , would you not think that french was predominant in those days ?????????? , I dont want to start a war, and I live here in Quebec , but geez plus ca change plus cest parait   jimmy

habsrule241 MSN said...

boy.. just when i thought i had thought of all the old things about verdun someone thinks up the horse drawn carts. I remember seeing them and sometimes, if you were lucky, the horse would stop outside your house for lunch and the driver would let you feed the horse a carrot or something.. if you were not lucky and were a little further on down the route you would get the results!!  I seem to remember milk and ice carts??   jd      

shirleyb-h MSN said...

I remember both Pom and Wonder bread with horses and I remember Guaranteed Milk and JJ Joubert Milk and Cousins Milk came to our school all with horses and the ice man but worse memory is that darn snow plow that did my Granny`s street driven by a Cowboy who raced the horse into a frenzy the we ran scrambling and screaming up the stairs and the darn horse tried to climb the stairs too - horses - never my favourite thing to this day. I remember the Italians scooping up the after effects of lunch for the tomatoes - and I remember a couple of girls I went to school with - one her father owned horses for the Caleche and the other her father worked for the other guy driving a Caleche actually second girls father and uncle were both Caleche drivers.