Saturday, December 1, 2007

Eastern Townships

way back in the dinosaur era of the early 70's many Verdunites had camping spots or visited their parents cottages around Knowlton,Brome Lake,Bondville...sometimes I'd hitch hike with one or two friends and we'd end up there....The Thirsty Boot and Lakeview (snakeview)Plaza...GREAT party spots and many great times spent there-seems like a lot of the Verduners remember the Laurentions-what about the Townships?


shirleyb-h MSN said...

A couple of years ago we bought 3+ acres of land from Ralph Knowlton at Knowlton Landing on a hill overlooking Lake Memphemagog and Mt Orford it is just a few minutes from the boat launch and we have a place there where we can keep a canoe row boat etc.  It is 5 minutes to St Benoit Abbey.

wendythepool MSN said...

Hi Cathy, used to spend wknds. at Bowker Lake in the summers of 72 through 75 and winter wknds. at Glen Mt. learning how to ski. Many a night at the Knowlton Pub. Wendy

arbutus MSN said...

Used to spend summers and weekends at Ayer's Cliff, Bacon's Bay on Lake Massawippi. I remember Ripple Cove Inn and the Shady Rest Hotel. MacKay School for the Deaf also had a summer camp on the lake. "Ah I remember it well" !!!   Gary Mace ex 1045 valiquette now in Victoria, BC