Saturday, December 1, 2007


i am on a roll!!..
remember curries and proudfoot's at the corner of manning and bannantyne??? I remember all the dad's who took the bus to work and got off at moffat and walked by curries, went inside to the back and had a quick quart before heading home!!
gotta luv it


phil-792 MSN said...

I used to work at the Curries store at the corner of 3rd and Verdun delivering groceries (mainly beer) to the homes on the avenues.  No one was rich in those days, but there was always a tip for the delivery kids.  Carrying 2X24 to the third floor was tough when you were young.   Phil

shirleyb-h MSN said...

I remember when I was a little kid going to the corner grocery store for neighbours and buying them cigarettes and beer - 3 quarts of Molson were .90 keep the change from a dollar and you could do a lot with a dime - chips were a nickel except those penny ones which my mom and granny used to say were floor sweepings - egads - we ate them anyway.   Now adays for sure the kids could not go and get you cigarettes and I am not sure if they could buy the beer for you - I dont smoke and dont drink beer so I cant say and living in Calgary you cant buy beer in the grocery stores anyway and you have to go to customer service if you want cigarettes AND the clerk serving you usually a girl has to be 18 to sell you cigs or lottery tickets and the waitress in Swiss Chalet cant bring you wine if she isnt 18 someone else has to bring it.  Our Swiss Chalet has had on numerous occasions lately had to close off sections because they do not have the servers to man all the sections.  Clerks at local grocery stores like IGA  Loblaws etc earn 11.50 an hour to start more for full time and nights.