Wednesday, December 5, 2007

christmas photos poste

hi all,
i think photos of christmases past in verdun, would be great, so poste your stuff and we can ponder on days gone by,
enjoy the season and make a snow angel for me,
carolyn bennett  florida


carver3570 MSN said...

HI. When i see children lining up to see Santa. I have a flash back to the one in Greenbergs(sp) Looked like he went for a fast smoke and there was a burn mark on his white beard. Lots of the kids went just to see the mark.  Ron.

habsrule241 MSN said...

hey ron.. Greenbergs.. no there is a name i have not heard in a long time.. I also remember going down to Eatons and taking the escallator up 6 or 7 flights to see "the man"   jd