Thursday, September 13, 2007

Still looking for the Parr Brothers.

I've called every "Parr" from Vancouver Island to Bona Vista... No luck.
The only stone yet unturned AND ironically is a "John Parr" who still lives on Woodland in Verdun of all things. (He and his wife do not answer their phone).  I think Gary and Kenny had a younger brother. Not sure what his name was?
If anyone can think of any tid bit of info. We went to Riverview from 79-82. OR if anyone knows this John Parr on Woodland, ask him if he's related (and why he doesn't answer his phone any day of the week ha-ha).
Any info will be greatly appreciated.


les__f MSN said...

Steve ,have you tried ,the graduates . com site                 Verdun High School -      this link is listed here on the VerdunConnections site ,over to the left of this page,..under 'Links' then scroll down to grads blah blah blah ......or just use the above link...........     Good Luck                                                                                                       HF&RV

les__f MSN said...

ps: Steve you do not have to join that site ,to get some initial information: here's a link for a different page on the same geads site:            .....this one will allow you to select directly from whatever school.       You probably knew that,but I thought I'd mention it,anyway,.....                                                                                                                     HF&RV

steve mace MSN said...

That came up bust... but thank you for the tip.

les__f MSN said...

Ok Steve ,this ones very innovative,....Phone & order a pizza & have it delivered to the guy in Verdun,...but have the Restaurant Write on the Front of the Pizza Box in felt pen,......Hey ,Mr Parr, me then add your email & phone number,........ if it works it would be hilarious, and worst can happen is you bought somebody a Woodland Pizza (make it a small,.just in case)                             hahahaha   Good luck                                 HF&RV

popdog0 MSN said...


i'll be in verdun this weekend, give me the door number
i'll bang on his door and find out.
i go to woodland pizza for my steak and peperoni sub
i heard new verdun had good subs also but don't
want to take the risk.