Friday, July 27, 2007

Oscar, cat with the purr of death


edbro68 MSN said...

That's amazing Bill. I watched a report the other night about how dogs seem to know when a human is near death and could actually sniff out cancer in the human body.  Ed

biking2006 MSN said...

Hey Ed maybe Canon Horace Baugh had something after all blessing animals -- thanks for that particular C.H.B. news clip. I did a Google on this priest, and he's all over the internet.
The Catholic Church teaches us, animals do not have souls and consequently no spiritual existence after death. The Hindus believe we are reincarnated as animals. And the scientists claim we are a product of natural selection from the primate family. Apes match us bone for bone, muscle for muscle. No one really knows for sure I'd say. Personally I 'believe' Jesus was the son of God and keep an open mind on everything else including a death watching cat.
The best I know is I don't know.