Thursday, July 5, 2007

Maiaon Nivard-de-Saint-Dizier

The SHGV is again inviting everyone this year to visit the Maison Nivard-de-Saint Dizier at 7244 LaSalle Boulevard, corner Loyd George in Verdun. For the time being, only the exterior  can be visited and our expert historians will inform you on the folllowing subjects:
1- √Čtienne Nivard-de-Saint-Dizier and his descendants
2- The origins of the name Verdun
3- The land purchase of Verdun
4- The agricultural development  and promotion of the Verdun farmland
5- The fort of Verdun
6- Zacharie Dupuis
7- Ville-Marie and the Iroquois menace
8- Les Argoulets*, solitary colonists
9- Le camp Volant in Verdun
10- The Nivard-de-Saint Dizier house
12- Marguerite Bourgeois, founder of the Notre Dame congregation
13- The heritage of the Verdun farm
14- Joseph Chapman, beer maker
15-  A new owner, John Crawford
16- The historical house, propeerty of the City of Verdun 
July 1st to October 7th 2007, Sunday 1.00pm to 3.00pm
July 4th to August  29th 2007, Wenesday 6.00pm to 8.00pm
* This is the name given to the first colonists who settled in Verdun. As a matter of fact, my wife who's maiden name is Campeau is a direct descendant of √Čtienne Campeau one of the first colonist who settled on lot no. 533 wich is between Hickson and Church right up to the river. All the Campeau's are descendants from this same first colonist.

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