Monday, July 30, 2007

how to add a photo

please give me step by step info
on how to
add a photo


maggiemck MSN said...

carolyn, do you want to add the photo to a message or to your photo album?

bahama865 MSN said...

want to add photo here  

les__f MSN said...

hi Carolyn  (Bahama)   I think MaggieMck's got you covered here,..... so I'll defer to her,..........How's Florida ?.............not as humid as your visit to Verdun a few weeks ago? or is it?                                           HF&RV

maggiemck MSN said...

When you have arrived at the place in your message where you want the picture inserted, click on the little yellow square in the yellow header (above) that has what looks like a mountain and a stamp. That will bring up a new window with a list of options. Click on "my computer" (I'm assuming the photo is stored on your computer) then click on the "browse" icon that comes up. This will take you to where photos are stored on your PC. Click on the pic that you want inserted. Then click "open". Then click on "add photos". Your pic will then be inserted into the message. I hope this explains it.

bahama865 MSN said...

hey les, thanks maggie for info, i wanted to insert a photo of la vache qui rit, the laughing cow, will try. as for temps, its the hottest summer in years here, verdun, july 1st on crescent street was a blast, nice and cool, we went to indian shores beach sunday, registered 97 degrees, we moved on to a famous thrift store on 66 and park in seminole. cooler there.we have had no rain in 3 months. any way the cooler weather will come in sept. regards to all humorists.  carolyn.