Friday, September 30, 2005

History Exam

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Melrose Avenue

Thought I would toss in a list of names of kids   that grew up on Melrose Avenue to see if anyone has news of them
Robin Simpson
The Ferguson sisters-Jackie, May and June
Brian Hale
Walter Carriere
Bev Dewie
The Anstey sisters-Joan and Carol??
Gloria Millette
Kay Crammond

Sunday, September 25, 2005

St Willibrod School History

From SHGV Archives:
I have found the following extracts in the Revue-Souvenir Jubilé D'or of 1950 for period 1898-1948 issued by: La commission des Écoles Catholiques de Verdun.
            St Willibrod High School (Girls)
            St Willibrod Primary School (Girls)
            St Willibrod Primary School (Boys)
1- St Willibrod Parish founded 1913.
2- From 1913 to 1919, english speaking children of Verdun were given class rooms in gymnasium of N.D. des Septs Douleurs School.
3- New school completed 1919, then called Jeanne-D'Arc school, the pastor was Father McDonald.
4- Sept. 18, 1919 Thomas Cuddihy, inspector of schools paid first visit.
5- Jan. 20/1920, arrival of 1st permanent music teacher, Sister St Mary of Visitation. July, father McDonald elected to school commission, held position until 1929.
6- Sept. 1920, registration was 325.
7- Sept. 1922, school officially named St Willibrod.
8- June 1924, 1st exibition of art needle work and drawing.
9- 1927, essay contest of Irish History open to all students of U.S. and Canada.
10- April 1927, new church was blessed.
11- 1929, registration was 1000.
12- June 1931, Death of father McDonald.
13- Sept. 1931, opening of High School.
14- The Brault ave. School now known as St Bernadette Soubirous School was built for younger children both English and French.
15- in 1933 and the next 7 years, registration reached a new high of 1633.
16- June 1934 ushered in the first high school graduation.
17- in 1936, five classes had to be lodged in the new Notre Dame de Lourdes school.
18- in 1937, Rev. Father Reid was transferred to ST Augustin Parish and replaced by Rev. Father Elliott.
19- in 1938 the teaching staff  consisted of 16 sisters and 24 lay teachers.
20- Interschool debating was an interesting feature of years 1937-45.
21- in 1942 a convention was held for the Verdun teachers. It opened by Holy Mass offered by father Elliott in Notre Dame Auxiliatrice church.
22- in 1945, Rev. Father Lucien Lemire became Director of Studies.
23- 1946 brought free text books for all school children.
24- Nov. 1947 was celebrating Miss Blancheti챔re's 25th ann. as teacher in our school.
25- 1950, the school has a registration of 1145 under the direction of Sister St Paulinus.
(To follow: St Willibrod High School (Boys))

Friday, September 16, 2005

Rushbrooke / May Ave Gang

My brother Bruce Brown sent this to me, thought everyone would enjoy.  The picture was taken around 1942.
Judy Brown
Attachment: bruce&gang.jpg

Monday, September 12, 2005

Names From Good Old Banantyne School, Familiar Names ?

Hello Everyone !
 I attended Banantyne School also, and I wonder if any of these names are familiar if so
 let me know , if any of you are around, like to hear from you ! Here Goes :
 Cheryl Robinson
 Darlene Head
 Joy Edgett
 Carol Browne
 Gordon Buist
 Robert Robertson
 Valerie Cameron
 Bruce Lewis
 Alex Lappos
 Helen Gogos
 Malcom , Brian Turner
 Kathy Stuart, Lesley Stuart
 Carol Beaudoin
 Keith Jewell
 George Wilbur
 Gay Jarvis
 Gary Jarvis
 Steven Douglas
 Susan Turnbull
 Diane Latimer
 Richard Hastings
 Garth Mader
 Debra Hoey
 Julie Takeuchi
  Merrin Weeks
 Debbie Dunn
 Susan Gibson ( Verdun High )
 Marilyn McLoon ( Verdun High )
 Lorraine Luckie
 Patricia Matz
 These are just a few of the names I can remember, but I will remember more !

Any Habs Fans ?

The Habs are going to have a outdoor jamboree at starting at
9:00 Sunday Sept.18 at the Bell Centre chance to get autographs or photos
of your favorites players watch them play outdoors and try to
get the giveaways and maybe get free tickets for the game that
night with Atlanta, also on Sept 28 the Habs will be at the
Verdun Auditoruim for training camp pratice. Hockey's finally

No memories of the Pav....?

I remember only good times at The Pavilion(Pav) corner of woodland and lasalle blvd....Now those were the days...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Are You Bryan Fantie of "Walpurgis Night?"

I am just wondering about Bryan Fantie, are you the same person who
use to be in "Walpurgis Night" with Eddie Fernandez as drummer, and Roger Smith in the 70's ? You use to date Louise Smith did you not ? The name sounds
familiar, the band use to play at St. Thomas Moore Church, and Dawson's Boy's
Club ,  Verdun High  School etc.? Are You guys still in touch with each other , what happened to members of the group ?

VHS basketball.

VHS basketball.

I received a few great photos from Judy of the VHS basketball team in
the early 1950s. I'll forward them to Maggie maybe she'll post them for
P.S. No more heated controversies. No more politician bashing. I swear

Faith is the supreme effort of your life -- throwing yourself with
abandon and total confidence upon God.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

VHS 1975 Yearbook, Margaret McKiernan

Another member of the McKiernan family.

VHS, Paul Christie

Here is what I found in the VHS Yearbook 1975 at the SHGV this afternoon. this should bring back memories.
Archives SHGV

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Rue Rolland St

La rue Rolland à été nommée en l'honneur de Albert Rolland, ancien échevin de la Ville de Verdun dans les années 1940, entrepreneur en construction et propriétaire de nombre d'immeubles résidentiels et commerciaux. Face au Natatorium de Verdun, la rue Rolland mène les automobilistes à sens unique de boulevard Lasalle jusqu'au boulevard Champlain, traversant le territoire de Verdun.
Rolland street was named in honor of Albert Rolland, former councillor for the City of Verdun in the 1940s, businessman, contractor and property owner of many residential and commercial buildings. Facing the Verdun Natatorium, Rolland street is a one way street from Lasalle to Champlain boulevard, thus crossing the Verdun territory.
Archives SHGV

Tuesday, September 6, 2005


Bob and Les_F. Yep. Bill Clinton pled guilty to lying to the grand jury and lost his license to practice law in Arkansas. Martha Stewart was found guilty of lying to a Federal Agent about something that wasn't even a crime. Got 5(?) months in jail, plus probabation. The Chief Financial Officer of KPMG(?) pled guilty to partcipating in a 1.3 ($1,300,000,000.00) billion dollar financial fraud. And I really feel sorry for this poor bugger. He got 3, yup, THREE months in jail, a $10,000.00 fine, and 3 years probabtion. Last but not least. We have a person who robbed THOUSAND of panties from coed dorms. He became a suspect in a murder of a girl in one of the dorms. His bail was set at $10,000,000.00. They  have since said he is no longer a suspect in that murder. They reduce his bail because they only have the panty charge. Good
deal. His bail is now only $4,000,000.00, YUP 4 million. Is this a wonderful system or what????? Winston

Saturday, September 3, 2005

Kevin Walsh?

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Kevin Walsh?