Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Helping a neighbour

This message was originally posted on LaSalle Catholic Highschool Delphi site. Maybe someone here knows of this person that is being sought.
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Hi everyone! I just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know that I'm trying to catch up on all the discussions. I hope we can actually have a reunion ( class of 83) and hopefully somebody out there knows where the hell Brian Arkinson ( Arkie) is!! Julie Mackiewicz and I are looking for him so that we might have a Drama Club reunion and who knows , maybe even put on a play.....
talk to ya all soon .
Susie Moore

If so. I'll pass on the info.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

SAY HELLO here ?

Hi, My name is Jim Nairn 66 years old, and used to live at 253 3rd ave in the 40's , yup old guy, but love Verdun , what a place to be brought up , maybe we can all sign in here every now and then , let each other know what's going on in our lives, it is going to be 17c today, beautiful sunshine, I am working in a restaurant for the folks that need a bit of help in life, so off I go , the exhaust system does not work , so up on the roof I go and try to repair it , since I volunteered , seems as if this is a full time job , oh well, life goes on , love the thought of discussing Verdun, Hey Chuck come on let's give these out of towners, ex Verdunites the scoop on how wonderful Montreal was and still is , come on folks participate love to read your stories about growing up, for a for instance, before Grovers on third and Wellington , there used to be a bakery called Marathon Bakeries, More on that later, have wonderfull day all and enjoy, Jim Nairn

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Corner of Wellington and 3rd Avenue

Who remembers that area as it was in the 70's? What was there?