Monday, June 18, 2012

Rock Island

Here is a Google Earth photo of the island I am talking about, just east of Heron island. You can see the patch of land with the water rushing to the left and the calm water to the right which is the side of my photo.  The small island must have a name which we will have to find on a map. In the meantime I have referred to it as Rock Island.




Ian Cordner said...

We used to call it Rock Island as well Guy, when I paddled for the Grand Trunk Boating Club back in the 50's & 60's. Many of us camped overnight as well. My uncle, Bob Cordner has a house at the other end of Heron Island on a smaller island he refers to Devils Island.

Victor Coveduck said...

Hey ICord!
My Mother Violet, was Bob's Mother's best friend for over 50 years! She was driving her car in her late years and visited my Mother in the Cowansville area. I tried paddling in the 'War Canoe' with Grand Trunk paddlers a few times but I was too lean in those mid '40's. Couldn't handle the strenuous miles of paddling. However, it wasn't long after that we owned a two pointed rowboat in the late '40's and with two sets of oars, and two paddlers, we made it up to Rock Island, from just off 2nd Ave. at a good clip against that 4 knot+ current. (Up the shoreline) We had a good swim in the lee many times, then we'd head out into the rapids and surf on down river. (WET. but Easier going)
We also camped on Nun's Island many times. We took our chances with pieces of ice in the river after the Spring break-up. Our adventurous Verdun youth with so many memories. Victah

Victor Coveduck said...

P.S. sez Victah,
Who's the man in the picture standing on Rock Island? Bob Cordner had short wavy hair, doesn't look like him.
Bob graduated from VHS in 1950. Liked Hockey , Track and field as well as paddling. Seems to me he earned an Olympic medal paddling. We met a few times.

Guy Billard said...

That's me, I was 18 as the photo was taken in may of 1948. Of course I don't have all that hair today. I enjoy those comments so keep them coming.