Saturday, June 23, 2012

Everyone likes a 'Who Dunnit' but They KNow 'Who Dunnit' In Verdun They Want to Know 'Who They Dunnit to'

Looking for the Victim in Verdun,they got the guy who did it,but who did he do it to?

MONTREAL - Montreal police are looking for a victim after an altercation at a Verdun apartment Saturday afternoon.

According to Const. Raphael Bergeron, police were called after residents of an apartment complex, located at the corner of 6th Ave. and LaSalle Blvd., heard a gunshot. When they arrived at the apartment, they found a man with blood on his shirt.

Witnesses identified the man as the shooter and he was arrested. He may face charges related to the possession of a weapon.

At this point, police do not know if the blood was a product of the gunshot, or a scuffle between the suspect and victim.



robert jomphe said...

went to Verdun yesterday for Swing l'ete, on the way home saw that the street was blocked by two cop cars and tape. We wondered what happened?. The pool was so full, they had inflatable games all over the place, when we passed at four o'clock there were about 40 people waiting to get in. Must of been for the St-Jean Baptiste. By the way most of the article mention fete National. I guess they want to remove the religious aspect from it.

Les F said...

That looks like a fun event ,certainly the swing dancers are having a ball.We did post a youtube video of the 'swing l'ete' event last year or the year before?? Do they do this often at that outdoor dance floor near the Natatorium?
Fete National or St.Jean's a holiday nonetheless I guess
the 'national' part of the title is a little suggestive .a throwbak really to the movements heyday, Other provinces have their holiday usually called 'civic day' or here in BC it's BC Day (at least that how I remember it.) I doubt it would be anything but laughable if BC were to change it to National BC Day or
As for the Verdun thing since they were looking for a victim I wonder if they will be linking the body they found this morning bound & gagged inside the trunk of a burned out car in Blainville this morning at 6am-ish est. ( I think they are ruling out suicide) here is the story from the Gazette

MONTREAL – Details of the macabre discovery Sunday morning of a corpse – hands and feet apparently bound, according to the TVA network – inside the trunk of a burned-out car north of Montreal weren't immediately confirmed in full by the Sûreté du Québec, which has taken charge of the investigation.

Sgt. Benoît Richard, an SQ spokesperson, confirmed that a car was burned and a body was found.

However, he added, more precise details would have to wait because he didn't yet have them.

He said, for instance, that he couldn't confirm whether the victim was found with hands and feet bound, or whether the body was "in the car, under the car or in the trunk."

Nor could he say whether the registered owner of the vehicle had been located elsewhere by police.

The initial report to authorities was made about 5 a.m., Richard did say.

That's when local firefighters and police responded to a call about a burning vehicle, near the corner of Jean-Guyon and Michèle-Bohec Sts. in Blainville.

The body was discovered about an hour later, Richard said, after the fire had been extinguished.

"I can't even tell you if it was a man or a woman," Richard said.

Earlier, Blainville police had refused to confirm any details at all.

They referred all inquiries to the SQ's media-relations section.

That's normal protocol when another police force takes over an investigation.

SQ investigators were on the crime scene, Richard said.

The canine squad was being used to scour the surrounding area.


Les F said...

Swing L'ete.......has been going on for quite awhile longer than I had thought,there are plenty of youtube examples available (not 2012 yet)

Les F said...

I get a kick out of these two young people having a ball........

Suzanne Olsten said...

Boy they were realy good I realy injoyed that as I have a grandaughter that dances on stage in Boston and does all kind of dance from hip hop to ballet nice to see young people active in dance ,,cheers Suzanne

robert jomphe said...

Swing l'ete as two more shows on 14 0f july and the 11th of August. Another popular night is the Salsa on Monday nights, people from all over Montreal show up.
Wednesday is Tango also popular. Thursday Zumba, just saw a demo today believe me it keeps people in shape or kills them. The boardwalk is very clean. you would not believe the change from our young days.

Les F said...

It does sound like fun for everyone & certainly a lot of choices to keep summer humming along...the waterfront does look fantastic,that i have to admit, it's great.but where do the kids play,now that they don't have a city dump,where you could see rats & dead dogs & stuff,& build snow forts in the tons of snow dumped over the edge into the river,we even had an old door we found in the dump to use as our front door one year,had a chimney built into the snow through the roof too......and it wasn't dangerous at all...........hahahahaha These kids nowadays don't know what they are missing,
Are they going to have outdoor movie night again this year? They had roving outdoor movies played around different parks in montreal,I think maybe only one feature for Verdun (maybe more now)? Is that still going on do you know? - Les

robert jomphe said...

I don't know were kids can be kids anymore. You should hear the language. I guess they learn onTV.