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Bunches & Batches of Montreal....repost of old photos.Maybe You Will Like It

Photo AlbumMay 28, '10 11:02 AM
by Les for everyone
Just another round of Montreal pictures from the tops of some buildings & of course streetviews too. Now some will look familkar,and some may have been posted before,some sre from different photographers who took similar shots over the years, I have been relatively careful to not just duplicate my other albums.......but take the tour & maybe you will appreciate some views of Montreal, you haven't thought of for a while, the years range quite a bit from pre PVM days to about the 70's ...... -Cheers , HF&RV

3 separate bldgs.jpg

1964 Montreal.jpg

aerial from pvm.jpg

again from here ..geeesh.jpg

alexis nihon.jpg

always seemed lighter.jpg

around town.jpg

Atwater StCatherine.jpg


Be There or Be Square.jpg

been here.jpg

Big Spaces.jpg

bridge longer than you think.jpg

Btwn the Trees.jpg

built in my oldmans shop.jpg

Bus Station Greyhound.jpg

Busy Concourse.jpg

busy place.jpg

busy shopping.jpg


cars parked everywhere.jpg

Chalet View.jpg

Chateu Champlain Begins.jpg

Churchs everywhere.jpg

cigar stores.jpg

cold in the street.jpg

cold on the mountain.jpg

come on in.jpg

Construcion Everywhere.jpg

Cool Colourful Montreal Night.jpg

Cool Stuff Alexhis Nihon.jpg

day dreaming.jpg

Dominion Square.jpg

Dorchester Blvd not Rene Quebec.jpg

doubt you can get here now.jpg

Dusk in the city.jpg

Eat Lunch in the park.jpg

Emerging Montreal.jpg

Extra Extra.jpg

Fancy N new.jpg

flags starched.jpg

Friends worked here.jpg

from plc vic.jpg

from Plc Victoria.jpg

from the park.jpg

from the port of montreal.jpg
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from the square PVM and QE.jpg


get back to work.jpg

gettin busy.jpg

getting busy pvm under construction.jpg

Good Shot.jpg


guess where.jpg

Hang out underground.jpg

Hey Colour.jpg

Holiday Inn.jpg

Hotel Bonaventure Entrance.jpg

How mnay Bata needed.jpg

information, who am I.jpg

inovative design in it's day.jpg

JC from StHelens Island.jpg

jump the turnstyle & go for it.jpg

just an old streetview.jpg

la montagne.jpg

Largest Inland Port in the World.jpg

le cafe conc was in here.jpg

Lean out further Boss.jpg

Let's get outta here.jpg

like he built it himself.jpg

like stepping stones.jpg

lit up in Montreal.jpg

lonely blvd.jpg

Looking at PVM.jpg

looking chilly.jpg

May 1962.jpg

memory prompt.jpg

Money being made.jpg


Neat PVM Shot.jpg

Nice Office.jpg

Nice silouette.jpg

night shot in the street.jpg

nightfall from port.jpg

Nightime on the way.jpg


No Stopping On the Bridge.jpg

no traffic.jpg

Not Kosta's.jpg

Nuns Island out there.jpg

Oasis in the city.jpg

old 'n new.jpg

old stuff.jpg

ornate gates.jpg

Parking $$$.jpg

Peace in the Park.jpg

Places to go.jpg

Plc Victoria getting started.jpg

put a lot of stock here.jpg

PVM course.jpg

PVM from the street.jpg

PVM looking east.jpg

PVM Queen E.jpg

PVM view CN.jpg

Queens Hotel.jpg


Rembrance Road or Camelien Houde.jpg

Remember Credit Foncier.jpg

Remember Record Stores.jpg

Remember this bldg..jpg

Rene 'Quebec' PVM press conference.jpg


rooftop escape.jpg

rooftop view.jpg

snow on Mont Royal.jpg

spanning a hundred years at least.jpg

stand alone.jpg

Start in the Middle YIKES.jpg

starting the build.jpg

still a two way st catherine.jpg

still growing.jpg

streetview old n new.jpg

Sunlife ,Church, PVM.jpg

swim on the roof.jpg

Take it from the top.jpg

Thats a cool picture.jpg

the Carlton.jpg

the old days.jpg

the old FORUM.jpg

the tobaggan hill in summer.jpg

this site under construction.jpg

through the looking glass.jpg

Torist Bureau PVM2.jpg

tourist bureau in PVM.jpg

towards the exposition hall.jpg

Under PVM towards Bonaventure.jpg

underground escape.jpg

Victoria Bridge.jpg

Westmount their watching you now.jpg

which way.jpg

which way to the Carb.jpg

who cleans that thing.jpg

work in progress,just like you.jpg

worked around here.jpg

Yea they owned half the city.jpg

you've been on those.jpg

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vicsailin wrote on May 29, '10
Greetings from Florida! Nice to see olde Montreal, even in pictures. Makes me realize how little attention we paid to our surroundings when we lived there. So many changes in the past 46 years! ( yes, we've been away that long) We have visited over the years. Montreal has changed, but Verdun hasn't changed much.
You do a great job Les, always at work on this site. Thanks for all you do. I'm sure everyone appreciates your work. Victah (formerly of Verdun.)
lesf wrote on May 29, '10, edited on May 29, '10
Merci Victah !,....... I too am amazed at how many decades have passed,but it's neat to try & recall those old montreal Days, even if only in pics...... Cheers ! HF&RV
Hope your sailing isn't spoiled for a while with old BP's accident.The whole Florida coast is fantastic & I hope it stays that way. Many years ago we would make our way to Indian Rocks Beach area,Clearwater etc etc I loved Florida but have only been back in passing via the international airport..
I kow many things must have changed there too, from what I remember it as.......Great Steaks Btw: Most people don't know that Florida aside from citrus has some fantastic beef products...Have one for me Victah.....and I'll toast you & your family here in Victoria shortly.............. Les F
coachbim wrote on May 29, '10
i have a tattoo that has that as a background
lesf wrote on May 30, '10, edited on May 30, '10
Now that is different thinking,& original....neat stuff. 
Cheers ! HF&RV
I would imagine any Montrealer recognizes it immediately.....


Les F said...

Or you can watch the slideshow,to make it easier. - Les

Sandy Walsh said...

The slide show is def better :))

Suzanne Olsten said...

with all the new bldg that went up I can't figuer where the head ofice of the royal bank is on Notre dame st.I stared working ther when I was 14 as page girl then at 16 was promoted to the cliring dept,and also worked 4 floors below the basememt ,scary once in a while ,do you have a picture of the old bldg Les??Suzanne

Les F said...

I will try to find one for you , Royal Bank on NotreDame ...- Les