Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Former LaSalle Sporting Activities

The were these three sports activities in Ville LaSAlle in the 30s, 40s and 50s:


As previously posted, there was an airport in Ville LaSalle in the late 20s, beginning of the 30s wich had a short life of about 4, 5 or 6 years, from about 1927 to 1933. This is where Buzz Beurling had his beginnings in aviation. The airport was situated approximately to the west by the Riverside Park, to the east by 9th avenue, to the north by the aqueduct and to the south by the river. The following 1930s map shows the airport as been situated just west of the hydrodam dike, on today's map shown as the Beaton and Gardner islands, Of course today the dam has been converted into a bird sanctuary. The former exhistance of this airport has been completely forgottened. You can see the airport area on the lower aerial photo on the top right.


In the mid thirties, the airport was replaced by an hippodrome (horse race track) and is faintly shown in the center of  the enclosed 1958 aerial view and is indicated as being just west of 9th avenue.

Here are some excellant photos taken from the book by Denis Gravel "Histoire du Village des Rapides":


The golf course replaced the airport in the mid 30s and I believe lasted well into the 60s. I know there are photos available somewhere but I don't have any on hand. Perhaps some will turn up. I did not do any research on the golf course but it may be on of my future projects 

I thought I would summerize these 3 LaSale activities as they often turned up in my research on other projects. No doubt that many Verdunites attended these 3 sporting events.


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