Saturday, May 1, 2010

20 Forts on Island of Montreal on Maps 1662 to 1763


It is interesting to know that there were 20 forts at one time or another wich circled the island of Montreal based on maps that I have consulted between 1662 and 1763. I have numbered the forts on a 1744 map and made a list for easy identification. It is also interesting to know that there was a fort in Verdun wich appears on 1662, 1702 and 1721 maps. There is the possibility that the Maison St Dizier (Old Stone House) was the fort refered to in books that I have consulted however there is no conclusive evidence to substantiate this. This area at the foot of Lloyd George street is at the foot of the Lachine Rapids was an excellant area to protect against attacks from the indians. Indian artifacts were discovered while doing archealogical digging at the Maison St Dizier. We are still doing research on the exact date of the building of the St Dizier house (1710 ?) and on the fort. As previously reported, the Maison St Dizier will be a museum wich will open either this fall or early next year.



Maggie McKiernon said...

Thanks for all your dedication to uncovering the history of Verdun/Montreal. It's always interesting to read/see your findings.

Guy Billard said...

Your encouragement is well appreciated. There are so many other interesting information that I discover on Verdun every day wich I enjoy sharing with Verdunites and ex-Verdunites, french peaking as well as english speaking. Thanks again Maggie and it is nice to hear from you.

Mary N said...

I also enjoy all the old photos, maps, articles you post. Very interesting stuff and even though not often mentioned it's much appreciated.

Ian Hebert said...

Wow! This is amazing. I'd love to see more of this.