Sunday, July 12, 2009

Willibrord Park, Artificial Ice Rink

The Verdun Messager (translated) announces that Verdun will build a community ice rink issued from the blue white and red Canadiens foundation for the youth. It will be part of the project already started at the Willibrord Park. The rink having NHL dimensions will have a refrigerated surface, and will allow the practice of other sports such as basketball and soccer, as well as other activities from spring to fall.

The Hockey Canada foundation will make a donation to the rink project wich will be built in the spring of 2010. Many talented players wich evolved with the MontrĂ©al Canadiens were born and learnt hockey in Verdun.

You may recall the list of professional players from Verdun wich I  posted on the old site a while back. I am including the list again for those who may not have seen it.




Les F said...

Wow indoor rink, for Willbrord Park,........that's amazing, I still like the old idea of playing on an outdoor,rink,Freezing to Death of course,but my memories seem to recall it as some sort of fun
I was lucky to be able to also use the rink on Galt in the schoolyard ,the French Brothers would put it up every year,& it got lot's of use too. JMH went to that school ,he may recall the rink too. I only lived down the lane from there and so it was literally only a few steps away,..Nice to see an upgrade for the Verdun kids, a new Recreation Center it sounds like.....I wonder if the building will be too large to still accomodate outdoor rinks too ? HF&RV

Guy Billard said...

There is no mention of the rink being an indoor rink. My impression from reading the article is that it is an outdoor rink but refrigirated or perhaps it has a roof but with the sides open. I will keep you posted as soon as I get additional information. The article mentions that other sports such as soccer and basketball as well as other activities will be played from spring to fall.



Diane Roberts said...

Great News Guy! I'll be visiting Montreal in Sept 2011 and hopefully I'll be able to skate at St Willibrord's Park, my childhood skating rink! That is of course, I can still stand on a pair of skates...hope to practice before I get there.....Diane

Linda Young said...

Good to hear Verdun needs a boost I've been in all parks in Verdun there alot still not up to shape!