Monday, July 13, 2009

Old Aerial view of Verdun 1920 ?

I discovered this old aerial photo of Verdun undated but wich I estimate is from the early 20s. You can recognize Church Avenue  with N.D. des Sept Douleurs church in the center on Wellington Street, Mgr Richard school center left, Willibrord school upper left, the aqueduct upper right although more like a ditch at that time, Bannantyne school at the end at left is Bannantyne school, the building in front of the school is the building I lived in in the middle 30s, At the end of Church at the left upper right I believe was J.P. Dupuis Lumber Yard. On the upper left and top middle are only fields, no houses. You will no doubt recognize other buildings wich marked your years living in Verdun although at a much later time. These old photos are simply magical. I hope you can enlarge the photo.




Les F said...

Hi Guy, have a look at this link to one of my photo albums and you will see this same photo,where you can hit the 'Zoom In' and see the enlarges version of the same photo...
There are many albums on my site that I have also posted either here on the Multiply Verdun site too,.or way back on the old MSN VC site.......
I always suggested that we should all visit each others sites & see all the different things available to us all...I haven't visited everyones site yet,(at least not every member's site yet,but I do make a point of checking out new visitor's to some of the posts here....It's neat to see some of the variety of things each of us has posted. Check them out, I wish we had links to all the sites weve seen photos from over the years,but hey that's what makes it interesting to find the sites all over again..
Have fun & Remember Verdun

Les F said...

Here the same photo can be seen on the BNQ site, & here is the information that accopanies the photo:
Cote : P600,S4,SS3,P591/44

Centre : Québec

Titre, Dates, Quantité
Montréal . - [1925?]
- 1 photographie(s) aérienne(s) : épreuve n&b

Portée et contenu
Sur cette photographie aérienne de Montréal, on voit la ville de Verdun et une église .

Source du titre composé propre
Titre composé correspondant au contenu de l'unité de description

Autres formats
Pièce disponible sur support numérique. Image accessible dans la base de données.

Termes rattachés

.it seems they aren't sure exactly what year either ,they estimate 1925 ??
I think the BNQ has recently acquired this photo,for it's collection,only in the last couple of years, because there is an alternate photo,that I have somewhere on a hard drive, & we posted it too,both taken by the same firm of Fairchild Aerial Surveys (of Canada) Ltd. Grand Mere,PQ
I will see if I can find that other photo,........................HF&RV

Guy Billard said...

What I really wanted to know was the year it was taken and now I see that the year mentioned is possibly 1925. I estimated 1920 so I wasn't that far off. This is the first time I saw this photo and I really got excited about it as I want to share with our society members (SHGV) and make a copy for our archives.

Ken McLaughlin said...

Could you be more specific, Les? I can't seem to find which gallery it's in.

Ken M

Guy Billard said...

This photo now appears in the Verdun "Le Messager" so check it out at: section SOUVENIRS

I post new photos every week with a text in the name of our society (SHGV)..