Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Adviser vanishes in Quebec Ponzi scam

Montreal Financial Adviser deceives investors






pauline garneau said...


pauline garneau said...


Victor Coveduck said...

Quite a discouraging report! Ahh, the so called "Free Luncheons and seminars" organized to SCAM!
They ought to bring back PUBLIC HANGINGS for all 'Ponzi' scammers!

Marlene Lefebvre said...

Very very sad that his scam went on for so many years and nobody caught on. What goes around comes around and his time will come. He can't be very happy now. I'm glad he isn't my Uncle Earl. Who needs an uncle like that.

pauline garneau said...

All the heart-wrenching stories that are being told on talk radio.
This guy had absolutely no conscious to be able take advantage of hard working trusting people who for lack of experience in the money business never questioned his credentials. What an evil person. Pauline


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