Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wellington Tramway corner Church 1909

Here is an older 1909 photo of the Wellington tramway at the corner of Church. Notice the building on the right wich would later become the People's then the Marshall's 5 - 10 -15 cent to a dollar store wich I recently posted. The tramway would be about facing the J.A. Gagnon store. You may also refer to my photo Album no. 11 for more information on Busses and Tramways in Verdun. This photo is presently posted in the "Messager" by J.M. Hachez in the Souvenir section

More information on Verdun's rich historical past. I have added this photo to Album no. 11 on my site.



robert jomphe said...

Was it Troy laundry or another that ended up 0n 69th in Lasalle around the early fifties?

Kid Mercury Hockey Blog said...

Any photos of Marshall's 5 10 15 store

Les_F said...

I'm sure we have some somewhere on here, although not all photos migrated over successfully when our old site expired. However I did save a lot of photos,on old hard drives, maybe I can dig one up for you, if so I will post it here for you. Cheers! -LesF