Sunday, May 31, 2009

Maison Saint-Dizier 1943 - 2009

I finally got around to taking a photo of the Maison Saint-Dizier so as to compare with the 1943 photo. Of course the photos were not taken during the same season and there is plenty of foliage that has grown since then and new houses were built on the right. Earth from the metro construction was added to the water's edge with landscaping added. The Maison Saint-Dizier was completely overhauled as the borough has alloted a budget of over a million dollars to renovate, as closely as the original construction as possible. Also, archealogical research was done and is continuing up to next year wich will be the 300th year anniversary (Built in 1710) and hopefully this building will become a museum where all the archealogical discoveries will be displayed. As a partner (SHGV) with the city in this project, we are anxious to see the end results and of course we will be an ardent promoter.





Les F said...

Here's two more old Verdun shots from 1925 ish,we've seen both before but I wasn't sure about the Maison shot: You be the judge,.the other is that aerial shot of Verdun circa 1925 as well:

Have Fun And Remember Verdun

pauline garneau said...

Just love this picture of Verdun 1925ish. My father told us of when he came to Verdun by horse and buggy and now I can imagine it.Pauline
PS it might have been to deliver beer????? ha ha

Les F said...

pony ,you may have already looked at this photo like this, but if you click on the photo,it will then enlarge it for you,but if you look up in the top right corner & click 'Zoom In' you will really be able to look over the photo of Verdun.........try it,if you haven't yet. HF&RV

Guy Billard said...

As I have mentioned so many times previously, this old house called Maison St Dizier, will be 300 years old as of next year 2010 as it was built in 1710 and is the oldest house in Verdun and one of the oldest in the Montreal area. It is amazing that it withstood all those years without being burnt down by vandals or demolished by unconcerned city officials as was demolished the Pavillon in 1954 wich was at the corner of LaSalle and Church and where the founding Verdun was signed in 1876.
Finally, officials realised the importance of this historical house and just finished renovating inside and outside at a cost of over a million dollars. I have photos to post showing both the inside and outside of the house wich I will do shortly.

P.N.: I have both those photos and the Maison St Dizier is dated 1930 and the areal view of Verdun is dated 1925.

pauline garneau said...

Hi Guy I must have passed Maison St Dizier a million times and never realized it’s historical value until Verdun Connection.I guess it’s a project long over due.Pauline