Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bannantyne Avenue 1929 - 1954

Here are 2 photos taken at different periods, 1929 and 1954 on Bannantyne Avenue wich appeared in the Guardian 14th of October 1954. Here is the text:


Bannantyne Avenue has changed its appearance slightly in the past 25 years, as can be seen by the two photos above. The top view is from a photograph taken by Rowland Hill, of 1050 Willibrord Ave., in 1929, looking towards LaSalle Boulevard from a point near Woodland Avenue, in front of where Olivet Baptist Church now stands. Below the modern street is seen the intersection in the same direction from the intersection of Moffat Ave., with St Thomas More Church as a prominent landmark.

Quite a change in a 25 year period.



Steve Gladwish said...

HI Guy great photos...
I was wondering any luck per my request about VHS 66 photos..?


Guy Billard said...

Not yet but I have not forgotten you.