Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Claim to being the First Automobile inventor

This article was taken from our rich archives (SHGV) wich I have added to my Album no. 33 on Antique cars and related subjects. This article appears in the "Boreal Express 1774 and says that Nicolas Joseph Cugnot invented a steam operated auto able to carry 4 persons with an average speed of 2 miles per hour, yes, thats right, 2 mph. The trial was conclusive but it was only an experimental model. This was in 1774. Cugnot received an order to build another car to carry several tons at a speed slightly higher. The intentions of the French government was  to use this vehicule to transport  heavy war armements during wars. (Nothing has changed has it) but Cugnot did not follow through on this order. All historians agree that this Cugnot vehicule is the first motorized  vehicule ever invented. What is more important to the frinds of science is the revolution that Cugnot brought to the steam engine. Up to then, all steam engines used one piston wereas Cugnot's used 2 cylinders with a back and forth motion. The steam, after operating the first cylinder enters the second wich puts it into motion. Even more fascinating, the movement of the pistons is transformed immediately into a circular motion. Techniciens of the time said that Cugnot's machine had a promissing future and it is unfortunate that the public did not have the same interest.




pauline garneau said...
talking about car related inventions

Diane Roberts said...

Wonderful history on the automobile Guy. It will be interesting in the next few years if the American and World car industry do manage to make major changes to the automobile to help our environment and the heavy reliance on gasoline. Obama's speech on the subject yesterday did give some hope for the near future...let's hope that it's all possible, for all our sakes.......Diane