Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another old message: Still relavent today,.....

Rather than bring the other topic to the top, I thought I'd post this response that DannyB posted in relation to his Thread,........just so it shows better upfront,.. ( that's what I did like about the other MSN site's format, every response seamed to be featured in the same size as the Thread's Topic,......and seemed to be easier to read,....of course now ,we have to get used to clicking on the 'comment' section to see what the response have been,.....(that seems to be the format of choice that blog type boards provide, I did write to Multiply at one time suggesting a possible change ,but haven't heard back from them yet,..glad to see they inherited some of MSN's response characteristics........hahahaha

Here's the old message from Danny B: from June 28th,2003             hf&rv

-- wrote on Jun 28, '03
Hey Bear,
              I totally agree that the managers have the final say. All we are doing is giving our opinion.And like any opinion there will be people that agree with you and people who will not. This is a great group and it will become even better as the word spreads to other people.As far as groups go this is the only one that I have ever seen that got my interest.I can thank alan archi. for that, he and I were very good friends and lost touch with each other about 27 or 28 years ago and he contacted me through classmates earlier this year.And since I came on connections I have been in contact with other people from my past like LesF,Harley,bettyloo,AnnM,and yourself Bear, and I don't know if I would have bothered if I had to apply.This site is about people with connections to verdun and surrounding area.Lets keep it easy and uncomplicated and make connections.  Dannyb--


Les F said...

I will try to find older topics & bring some of them to the forefront again,afterall,some people may still be looking for others,& some stories may of interest to others as well..the only thing I don't think will come through are the photo's in some of the posted messages,....(but If I can do it I will,) repost some of those older photo's too..
Although all the photo albums ,seem to have been successfully reposted here,in the albums section,.....If anyone can recall an old topic that you may want to read, or specific subject that nay be there ,let us know,& we'll try & find it for you,...We get our hints for topic ideas from you,& whatever we can dream up too,........but it's always more interesting to have fresh input too,.. HF&RV

pauline garneau said...

Hi Les I actually took off two whole days plus and dedicated all my time reading the old history. There were a lot of good, sad, funny topics and when it was about people I knew it was even more interesting. The sad stories were of friends who pass away. A funny story of how to stop deer from eating your trees. The humour behind how poor were you. Answers to Questions we never asked our friends when we were young because they were not important at that time. The opinion of people I totally agreed and disagreed with. All of that I found and so much more. Pauline Piche Garneau

Les F said...

Hi Pauline (pony19505),..You are right ,there are a lot of differnet topics ,many different threads ,pertaining to people looking for others,.some who had found others,...some who just enjoyed Nostalgia,..things we all did as kids,.....the Dances, the Schoolyards,.the overall memories ,amazing how much we all had in common,.and of course the realisation that some of our friends & family have passed on,....but all in all there's a lot of laughs on there,and differences of opinion,.
Glad you took the time to check them out,
I always suggest,that we take time and look through the photo albums,too, as there are some neat things in there too,.We did have almost 7 years of a varied amount of topics,.......
They are a little hader to access now than the old format,but they are still there(most of them anyway)
..and So We always invite everyone to jump in & share a memory or old pictures,.or a story from days gone by........... Cheers.... have fun & remember verdun

sharon spence said...

Is there a way to see all the members on Verdun Connections?
Also...I can never remember where I posted my "note" "blog" "comment" (don't even know the difference between them???
Is there a system ,to finding one's last "note,"etc ?
I hope I can find this answer( if someone replys) the next time I log on??