Sunday, February 8, 2009

YIKES Stuff !!!

I know we all like our Montreal eateries,but this article is not exactly favourable.

 I do Remember when we used to deliver to the Downtown core of business's both commercial & restaurants,that there was always an amazing amount of rats ,that roamed the alley ways in Montreal,and you would be astounded at some of the name restaurants that had there share too.but that I think was common knowledge & noone ever mentioned it, Outta sight Outta mind I guess                                                        this story appears on the CJAD news site:

Montreal's restaurants: not so clean?

Sun, 2009-02-08 13:24.
Richard Deschamps

Montreal's latest food inspection results are something less than encouraging.

Inspectors made over 17-thousand visits to 12-thousand restaurants and grocery stores in 2007, and found a total of 6-thousand infractions.

Among them, refrigerators which were not cold enough to keep food free of bacteria, and employees failing to wash their hands. In some cases, rodents were found. Those restaurants were shut down.
There is an archived list of businesses that have been cited for health violations on the city of Montreal's website. You can find a link to it by clicking here.



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Les F said...

Wow 17,000 Visits ,to 12,000 Restaurants ( that's a lot of restaurants) 6000 infractions,....oddly enough I guess that's not that bad,depending on the infractions.