Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Could someone please tell me the name of the school or building on the cnr of 5th & Verdun (I think).  I have clear memories of watching friends play ice hockey on a large rink and the Christian Brothers skating around in their long black robes.  Were they teachers from St. Willibrord's School? ...Diane   


Les F said...

5th & Verdun does not ring a bell with me, but the Church that was btwn 4th & 5th on Verdun Av. may have rung a bell or two?(lol) Then there was the 5th av restaurany on the corner of 5th av & Verdun (NW)
but across the street from the Church from 4th to 5th (SE-to-SW) was all housing ,from what I remember ,...the only place I do for sure Remember brothers skating around on their own rink was at the Richard School on Galt btwn: Wellington & Lasalle blvd. right before the City of Verdun public yards. I'll be interested to hear of a park near where your speaking of. ..... HF&RV

Jean-Marie Hachey said...

Hi Diane !

The name of the school on the corner of 5th & Verdun is Ecole Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes.
You can look at it on this map of Verdun Borough

Have a nice day !


Gord Carlington said...

That was the name; Willibrord had 4th & 5th grade there & the French Brothers were of the Sacred Heart order. I went there in 1944 & 45 and the brother were Sacred Heart fron New Jersey and later the Presentation Brothers came to Willibrord as replacements For the American.


Les F said...

Wow I can't even picture that school for some reason, yet I would have passed it plenty of times,....I still cannot picture it in my mind,Thanks for the info. I wonder if we have an old photo,along Verdun Av from those days.? I can see everything else around there,strange thing too ,is if there was a rink around in those days,& there were lots of them, I would have thought I'd skated on it. Yikes ! where's that memory bank when you need it,Maybe this bank needs a bailout..........HF&RV

Sandy Walsh said...

When you came out of the movies at the First Pres, you would be looking directly at the school and the rink. It was in the schoolyard for the school. I skated on it a couple of times but almost got mowed down by hockey stick wielding ruffians - so I decided to stick to my favorite one - Woodland Rink

Ken McLaughlin said...

The school is between 5th and 6th on the south side of Verdun. It's been renovated so might look quite different to many of you today but it s still a school....

Ken McLaughlin

Bob Gaboury said...

I attended 5th grade in that school, it's still in operation as some sort of children's school.
There is a small school yard and the teens are still playing a version of hockey on the asphalt in the evenings.

Ecole Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes was the name of the school and the same goes for the church on Verdun ave between 4th and 5th.

As for the restaurant at the corner of 5th, it's now a combination of a bar on one side and restaurant on the other.

Same owner and you can actually go though a door inside the bar to get to and from the both Establishments.
The name of it now is The New Verdun, I have spent several nights there in the summer time sitting on their little outside patio enjoying a few brews.

How well I remember the .10 cent entrance fee for the 1st Pres movies on Saturday mornings. The weekly series of the Lone Ranger with Hi O Silver, Tonto, Tom Mix, Hop a Long Cassidy and Roy Rogers were some of my favorites.
==>> Anyone remember what the name of Tonto's Horse was?

Gabby Bob

Steve Gladwish said...


Taxi stand when you come out on 5th.Used to be Hemlock..There was also a hockey rink in the school yard..across from Steinberg's. Remember the Steinberg's?I think the resto has in the new section a couple of video lottery machines..see the people playing them when I took the 107.and that was at 8 in the morning...

Jean-Marie Hachey said...

Hi Les !

As requested,

The photo …
École Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes


Les F said...

Thanks JMH,.seeing it ,makes sense now,......but I don't remember the rink in the Winter, I guess I had enough rinks to go to near my house & just never did skate here.
Thanks for the memory spark............................................Have Fun & Remember Verdun

robert jomphe said...

Like Bob I attended Notre dame de Lourdes from grade 2 to 7. I also went to first Presb movies. My friends would cover for me and I would crouch behind them to sneak in, because the brothers had phoned my mother and told her I was encouraging the protestants.My mother ignored them and gave me money to go every time. Meanwhile the brothers were selling us pictures of little Chinese kids to get money for their charities.Wish I had one of those to cut my lawn now!

Diane Roberts said...

Thank you for telling me the name of the school...after Les's response, I thought I was losing my marbles!
Good to know the memory banks are still firing! Sandy's right, the school was right across the street from the First Presb church and those Saturday morning movies were the greatest! When I think of it, I used to attend with Billy Rodgers, Sandra Crawley and Jimmy Wattie...all St. Willibrord school kids attending a Protestant church with little ole me...their Protestant friend! By the way, Tonto's horse's name was "SCOUT" and he was a palamino. Originally Tonto rode double with the Lone Ranger on "Silver". After a publicity photo was taken of the Lone Ranger and Tonto this way, they wisely decided to give Tonto his own horse! Ok Kemosabe!