Sunday, February 8, 2009

Poissant Hall

Here's the shot of the old reception hall:


Les F said...

I cannot recall where I got this picture from originally,.but wherever ,it was ...Thanks..........

Les F said...

I have also added this shot to the first photo album on my site,.(for now) and when viewing it ,you can use the 'Zoom in' feature for a real better look at the building......... HF&RV

Danny Brushett said...

Great Shots Les
Could you email me some of these Verdun Photo's so I can download onto my computer as I can not download from this site due to some thing as I am useing a Mac and it will not allow me to do this
My email is

Ex Verdun Boy

Lived on Newmarch-Galt-and Godin before I moved to Toronto my whole family still lives their


Dan Brushett

Les F said...

It's on it's way Dan,should be there now............Cheers !! HF&RV