Sunday, February 8, 2009

Poissant Hall ( Verdun)

Remember the reception hall at the corner of Lasalle Blvd. & Lafleur Av. & Wellington Street in Verdun,.the War Cenotaph Monument that now stands in Willibrord Park on Verdun Av & Willibrord & 1st,.used to prudly stand in the little triangular shaped park where Wellingto meets Lasalle & Lafleur,....ahhh but back to the point ,'the reception hall' with it's Black & Pink Awning that covered the staircase up to the 2nd floor where many a wedding reception was held,
It was called Poissant Hall ..........I think that's the correct spelling, I used to think it was Poisson Hall .but that sounds a little fishy,with 1 too many 'S'  Yikes I digress
.also across from this on Wellington Street ,used to be a restaurant called 'Labelle BBQ' ..........anyone have photos of that??? 

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