Thursday, February 5, 2009

LaSalle Boulevard 1943

Here is another old photo of LaSalle Boulevard looking west dated 1943. You can see in the background on the left the Maison Nivard de Saint-Dizier or the "Old Stone House" as some have nicknamed it.



Frank Lawrence said...

That's a good picture I guess the open on the right side area is the Hospital

Les F said...

I wonder what that view would be like today,'s already completely different from what I can Remember from say 40 years ago. '69 ish or say early to mid 70's........I can't say I ever sped by there,well I can say that,but I prefer not to...........hahahahaha Guy you say the info indicates 1943,the road looks strangely older,.but I guess not much different otherthan asphalt on Lasalle Blvd.
this was a great stretch where the cops would wait for speeders ,coming into Verdun right towards you in this picture.........I don't think they were breaking the law ,as much as I think they were just trying to get back to Verdun Quickly...............hahahahah What Say you ????\

Rohinton Ghandhi said...

Hi Guy, do you have a bigger picture..moredetail of this fascinating view?

Barry Meldrum said...

We lived on the corner of Osbourne at LaSalle boulevard, the house (building) was on the north west side. (between yrs. 64 - 69) Meldrum family. Our flat was on the third floor.

ron larman said...

Was there another place to swim in th 30s & 40s, called Flat Rock , located below the Old stone house. As I remember it was shallow, with a small current, and o kay for younger children.
Ron Larman

Guy Billard said...

The photo appeared in the Le Devoir 1943 newsparer with an article on the Maison St Dizier wich I showed on the bottom of the photo. This photo is also in my photo album no.34 in my site wich you can enlarge. I asked myself that same question as to wether the date is correct. The date that the photo was published is not necessarely the date that it was taken. The article was reproduced in the Verdun Centennial 1876-1976 publication wich I also show on the photo. I have a copy of the publication wich I got from the SHGV and is a gold mine of information on the 100 year history of Verdun. As a matter of fact I had on my agenda to take a recent photo of the house so I will take one from the same distance and angle so as to compare with the old photo. The Maison St Dizier was completely overhauled and archealogical research was done in the ground, inside and outside and we will eventually learn what they discovered. Don't forget that this house is the oldest house in Verdun, it is 300 years old, built in 1710. The authorities spent over a million dollars on this project and our society is closely involved and I will keep everybody informed.

Frank Lawrence said...

The fence around the hospital wasn't there yet.