Sunday, February 8, 2009

LaSalle and Wellington Fork

Now here is an interesting historical area that I find very interesting. The old 1912 photo is from a publication wich mentions that the V shaped building at the fork formed by LaSalle Boulevard on the left and Wellington street on the right was supposed to be rebuilt to accomodate a new post office. This never materialised as it was instead established at the corner of Wellington and Church according to documentation I consulted.

The present V shaped corner is now the Parc des Madelinots and there was a military monument at one point in it's history as shown on the 1948 photo supplied by a MVC member. I took the enclosed currant photo yesterday on my way to the SHGV. This is a very busy intersection formed by LaSalle, Wellington, Lafleur and Régina streets



Les F said...

Good shot ,you took Guy looking towards the Church (that really is a Verdun landmark for sure & can be seen from all over) also that little triangular park Btwn: Lasalle Blvd & Wellington ,is where the Monument now at Willibrord Park,used to stand, there are pictures in Susie's Photo Album called Verdun Memories ,showing this park & the monument from back in the late 40's or early 50's:

Les F said...

Sorry Guy now I see the little photo in your title page, that's the one I was thinking of,from her photo album......Thanks Again Susie & of course Guy for bringing back to our attention.........HF&RV

john allison said...

Thanks Guy. As always you come thru for us!!!!

Les F said...

Guy , I've placed Susie's 'Verdun Memorie's' photo album ,first on the photo albums link, so We can checkout those park & monument photos ,using the 'slideshow feature' ..
Also do you Remember that right at that junction of Wellington & Lasalle ,there was a Chicken Restaurant called 'Labelle BBQ' with a bigh sign running the length of the storefront,...and also over on Lasalle & Lafleur (right on the corner) there was the old Poisson Reception Hall,.that had a multi-coloured awning covering the whole staircase ....I wonder if it is gone by now,.I think the colours were Black & Pink sort of ,....Anyone else recall that...................................................HF&RV

Guy Billard said...

JM asked me the same question a while back wanting to know if the Salle Poissant was still there. I replied that I would check it out when in the area wich presented itself last week and I discovered that it is no longer there as there is a new residential building and a small deserted lot at the corner of Lafleur. Would you believe that we had our (Me and Jeannette) marriage reception at that same salle 50 years ago this year and I also have a photo to prove that too. As far as the BBQ restaurant, I don't think it is there anymore but I do remember it as I ate there ages ago. I think tehre is a Lafleur Or La Belle Province hotdog restaurant there now but I am not sure.the exact location, not important anyway.