Monday, February 9, 2009

Horse Shoe Business 1929

This photo was published in the Verdun Messager in 1929 but no address was shown so I referred to my bible, Lovell's 1929 Directory. There was a horse shoe factory situated at 4096 LaSalle Blvd near Church called Samual Hamel. You can see the sign on the upper right hand corner shows Hamel so presumably it is the same place as it is the only such business mentioned in Lovell. Perhaps other information will turn up in the future to confirm this. I have added this photo to my album no. 40.



Les F said...

It must be the same Hamel...or it's a dead 'ringer' for him...........HF&RV

Guy Billard said...

I was in Verdun yesterday and I checked the address of 4096 LaSalle, it is the Verdun General Hospital that is at that site. The hospital was built at the beginning of the 30s and since the photo was taken in 1929 would mean that the Hamel Horse Shoe business had to sell.