Sunday, February 1, 2009

GoosVillage /Griffintown / etc etc

These old shots will spark your memory if you lived either in GooseVillage ( Victoria Town) or Griffintown area, or the Point, or Verdun...Remember stove pipes, & the ' new ' wiring stapled to the wall over exposed to!

I hope this video plays Ok,.it's from You Tube ,....and there was a good story to this collection of photos ( someone had the presence of mind to save them from being thrown out in the garbage)......or something like that. I saw these photo's on George McCrae's Point St. Charles site (a great site,check it out) also I saw these on a fellow named Ian's site along with others he has saved.......
   Remember folks today is your futture history too, take pictures & talk to all your slightly older friends & family,so as to keep your memory's alive........
                        Cheers !!!    Have Fun & Remember Verdun

        ..and here's one to the Verdun Connections site on Multiply Network

                 looks like you may have to 'copy & paste' the link to the You Tube vid.
and the same to visit the Point site:

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