Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Day in The life of An old Friend

Last night I called on an old friend that still lives in Verdun, he was celebrating his 73rd birthday, for many years now we call each other on this once a year celebration (thank goodness that they only come once a year).

He celebrated his day by going to lunch at the Capri on St Patrick, then headed back to Cote St Paul and hit a watering hole on Church Ave. called La Beasserie LaTour, a real hole in the wall, but very friendly. After downing several brews at each location, he headed back to The Verdun bowling alley located on Church Ave. and that is when I caught up with him he was feeling no pain, not getting any strikes at all, and still going strong for a 73.

Tomorrow is my day to celebrate my 69th, and Red will be calling me to see what I am up to, he probably won't remember that I called him last night.

I go back to the days when there were no bars in Verdun and we had to head out to Cote St Paul or Pointe St Charles to wet our whistles.

If you visit Verdun, drop by and say Hi To Red or Ti-Rouge, Tell him that Bob Gaboury also said Hi, his body shop is located at 1117 Rue Hickson,

By the way he is really good at it and his prices are right. He used to work on my old 49 Mercury, that had no chrome on it, a sun visor and wheel covering (been so long that I can't remember what they called those things.)  Ahhh ( Memory coming back "Fender Skirts)

Any how it's Saturday Morning here in California and the 4 grandchildren are here with their Mom and Dad, there cooking up a bunch of pancakes with Cinnamon on them. Hmmmm smells good.

Hey Les, good thing they have spell check on this, I had several that I had to Correct :-)

Well I'm off to eat a stack or two.

C Ya All Later



Les F said...

Happy Birthday Bob,.............. Btw: been in Latours many times,....( as well as a few other Oasis)

john allison said...

Happy birthday. Hope you have a good day. Just remembering or being able to remember Verdun is a good thing!!!!!