Thursday, January 8, 2009

Woodland Restaurant

Here is another view of the Woodland Restaurant taken 2/26/2005 from Woodland avenue. This photo appears also in my photo album no. 25. While you'r there, check out album no. 27 of the Manoir de Verdun as I have added another photo also taken from Woodland on the same day. Of course, the manoir is built where the park was situated and the Bandstand was on the right.



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Les F said...

Hello Guy excellent shot of the Woodland side of Woodland Restaurant once know as White's , I seem to recall 'borrowing ' a car from where that blue or black car is .....and sailing up Woodland then got stuck in the snow, had had to bolt on foot.......hahahahahaha of course I'm just making up stories now, .......what is the statute on that stuff, anyone know.................hahahahahaha HF&RV