Saturday, January 17, 2009

Visit Verdun Connections on the Multiply website :

   Only 3 more weekends until the shutdown of MSN Groups
          try out the new site, and anyone there will be more than happy to help you, should you need it,'s different ,Not impossible with everything ,doing something slightly different is at first difficult but then quickly becomes second nature,....Even if you do not join the Multiply Network or the Verdun Connections,you can still read the Topics , and you can still read the 'comments' on those topics which are marked at the bottom right hand corner of each response,or photo album
You also can (if you want to) sign the Guest Book & say Hi.
Do Not Hesitate in the least to ask any questions you like,and we will try to HelpYou..............
 You can also look at aall the Photo Albums that we have on here, as well as some of the new ones we have posted oon Multiply Verdun Connections.........
  If you are unsure ,as to what you are going to do,.then I suggest that ,maybe you 'Bookmark' the new address,.as it may become difficult to see this page in a few short weeks:
 You are always Welcome to participate, or just read the messages ,while staying in the background ,W e appreciate you visiting.......   Here's that web address again:
          Come on Over & Have Fun & Remember Verdun
                                 We'll keep that light in the window for you.........
              Do you recognise it,'s the Beacon that Welcomes all Montrealers each night with it's constant sweeping of the City.......................HF&RV

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