Thursday, January 15, 2009

Verdun & Montreal Stuff

Hi , if you've surfed by here, then Welcome & if your an ex-pat from Verdun or Montreal & like to hear stories of the area, & perhaps share old pictures (you know that shoebox under the bed ,full of old B&W's) dig it out , and Come & visit the Verdun Connections site (on Multiply Network)......
..Check it out, & if you like that sort of stuff, then Join in,.........they'd love to have you particiapet, & for the people who don't like to actually join in and realay story's ,You might like to just read the posted messages, . Who Knows you may run into some old friends, family, schoolmates,..or whatever.......
          Remember the old 'What ever happened to what 'er name'........well maybe you will find out,

                                                                      Have Fun & Remember Verdun

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