Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Verdun Connections alternative sites

Ok here's the 411 on this post,..I posted it on a few other Verdun Connections sites,just to notify anyone surfing by,that we've set up shop ( for now at least) over at Multiply,  and guess what YOUR INVITED ...............check it out ,read the messages ,look at the pics,....and then You decide , Join us & have fun rememebr verdun.......or just look at the pics too....We'd appreciate you sharing your Montreal -Verdun stories & pics.........again You Decide:
 Here's the copy of the messages I posted on the other sites.

Hi , if you stumbled across this site by accident , it's just an extension of the Verdun Connections site, which originally started over 6 years ago on the MSN Groups network,and as you may or may not know MSN unceremoniously decided to pull the plug on supporting the many millions of groups they had in their network,.The final day for MSN will be this Feb 09th ,2009...the Verdun Connections has been experimenting with many different boards & venues to try & provide a reasonable alternative to the MSN site... Now that being said , We have found nothing really comparable to the ease of use old MSN site. We have chosen to follow the suggestion of MSN to migrate the group to the Multiply Network......We also have a Group on Yahoo,.as well as for over a year or so have had a Group idling on Google, well as a Blog on one of the bloggers networks,...... and of course this one here on Yuku.
Moving is never easy, as people by nature are reluctant to change,but keep in mind that initially you were seeking something about Verdun that you could visit ,that would allow you & your memory to be prompted by neat old old memories you had ,or pictures you could relate to. That's what the Verdun Connections site tried to provide,something mostly based with Verdun Nostalgia.....we did do our best to provide that,and we would welcome you to Visit any of our exisiting sites ,or join our new site at Multiply
We do our best to keep most of the content closer to Verdun type content or conversation between Old Friends who may have found each other on the site.....We do this so that anyone just 'surfing by'-like you, can see that it's a site dedicated to mostly Verdun stuff,.Montreal etc etc ....Rather than have you stumble across a site loaded with anything but...We hope to not waste your time on your visit,there are plenty of sites to do that.So if your Looking for Verdun ,Montreal Quebec themes ,stories. photos, then Come & Visit....& share your story,or your memories,We always appreciate content from individuals,...who want to contribute ,or just read our posted messages...and get involved 'if' you feel like it.,as long as your there ,that's good too....... so come on Have Fun & Remember Verdun

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