Friday, January 16, 2009

The Streets of Winter

I just got this book today from the local library,& I'm told it's set in & around Montreal,.I have no idea if the book is any good,but I think sometimes we can relate to certain books if they are walking around on streets that we recognise,(sort of like taking a walking tour of the city,sometimes) Here's the back & front cover,

the Title is "The Streets of Winter" by Stephen Henighan  ISBN: 1-894345-76-2

....................I hope the book is good,but who knows.............       HF&RV

              PS: If you annot read the breakdown of the story on the back cover from the pics in this message ,you may be able to from the pictures posted in one of my photo albums on my site...................hf&rv

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Dolly ? said...

This book looks like a keeper so I'll see if I can order from Chapters. There are winter scenes in my novel and this book will tweek my memory cells if not my imagination. Thanks for the heads up.

And while I have you here, know any good non cliche names for a strip club? I have a scene in a strip joint circa late sixties Montreal. That'll get your creative juices going. Remember it's fiction so anything goes....