Saturday, January 3, 2009

Slides (Toboggan)

I found the photos I was looking for on the Slides or Toboggan slides that were situated behind the Verdun General Hospital. I rode on the 1943 slide. Anybody remember these ? I have put these photos in my photo album for everyone to see.



Les F said...

Hello Guy, which photo album ? Are they named ? the writing is too small for me to make out,on the photo's in this actual post. HF&RV

Guy Billard said...

These photos were actually shown in our own revue "Les Argoulets" but taken from a CD celebrating Verdun's 125th anniversary wich we have at our society (SHGV).

Les F said...

Thanks Guy.

Bob Gaboury said...

Nice Guy,
I guess I was about 6 years old when I got my first toboggan as a Christmas Gift, I would guess that I went on the toboggan slide for the first time in 1946.


Victor Coveduck said...

Hey Guy! "Thanks for the Memories--" I remember skating all around the streets with our friends after it had rained and then frozen. (Today, they call that 'Black Ice'.) We used to skate to the toboggan slide at night, after the slide was closed and climb those stairs with skates on and in a crouch, fly down the slide! What a rush!!!!
Ahh, the '40's! sez Victah

Stephen Redmond said...

No mater what rink you went to you use to put your skates on at home and skated the streets to it.

Victor Coveduck said...

Right on, Steve. How about those sleigh rids down the toboggan slide. (for the guys that wouldn't take a run on skates!) That slide and runs seemed sooo high up when we were little sqirts. Sliding down to the river on a toboggan was just as scary, steeper too! Yep!