Saturday, January 3, 2009

Replacement Sites for MSN Groups

Well time is winding down on the mSN Groups , as they unceramoniuosly decided to pull the pin on their millions of social groups.......Feb 09,2009 is D-Day so to speak. So if you have cruised by here ,by accident or just searching for Verdun or Montreal them stuff,.then why don't you check out the Verdun connections site at Multiply   
  the original Verdun Connections site as been running for over 6 years,and has been a place where people can perhaps run into old friends (or friends of friends) and family,.....Old stories from Growing up days in Verdun / Montreal etc etc 
and they Welcome all those with old Photo's to share ( Remember all those B&W's stuffed away in that old 'shoebox' your parents kept in the closet or under the bed..
Well come on over and check out the pics already there,& maybe add to the collection yourself.The input is appreciated,.......

                         So Come Have Fun and Remember Verdun 
                                                             Verdun ,Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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