Saturday, January 31, 2009

Montreal by Night

I thought I had posted this video here,but instead I put it on my site,with a few other videos from NFB,  I guess I hadn't switched btwn: the sites,although the Natatorium

 Watch this one, we've had a look at it quite sometime ago,on the old site, and we were waiting for the release of a film by Luc Bourdon,which he called the Memorie's of Angels,.in it can be seen plenty of really good shots aounf Montreal,with some that are sure to make your memory bank open for business.......      I will post the other videos here on this site in the video section, or you can view them on my site,...this switching back & forth btwn: personal sites & this site,is easy enough,but sometimes I forget which one I'm on....  Seniltiy I guess.............hahahahaha    Enjoy the Montreal shots:   HF&RV


Ken McLaughlin said...

I remember your old man's shop, Les. Think we went there together once. Didn't know it was expropriated. Sure was a cool area to explore in those days.

Ken M

Les F said...

I wondered if you remembered that Ken, as I know it was an adventure as kids to prowl around that neighbourhood,there use to be a spot near Black's Bridge & Commune Street,where the train was moving along and made it impossible to get by,but as kids I Remember trying to get as close to the building & train as possible ( real smart) hahahaha The whole area was all commercial & industrial,for the most part,but at one time had a lot of residents too.

Sandy Walsh said...

hahaha - they even showed a couple going down the Magic Carpet. But they never told us if Jacques and Colette ended up married. There might be a sequel somewhere.

Ken McLaughlin said...

gee seems my post about your dad's shop ended up on the wrong thread, anyway....heh heh, I really enjoyed the video.