Monday, January 12, 2009

George Brown Cartage

George Brown Cartage was situated at 1100 Hickson Ave. corner Cool and was founded in 1911. George Brown was a Verdun city counsellor. I took a photo of the same building on saturday morning and you will notice that it is basically the same building that was renovated as the windows and doors are in the same place. i estimate that the old photo of the fleet of vehicules is around the 1930s. This company must have given much needed jobs to many Verdunites specially during the depression years. I posted the old photo on the old site and a member mentioned that the company was sold to another cartage company with other interesting details. Perhaps this same person will respond as I would like to add to the history for our archives. Check out my photo album no. 14 for further details.


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Les F said...

Your right Guy the building looks almost identical & relatively unchanged after all these years,those granite headers above the windows & garage doors must have been well made,and the masonry job .bricklayers,certainly must have paid attention to detail & had pride in their workmanship,since the building doesn't look like it's had any major facelifts,.I guess construction tradesman just did a lot better job than a lot of their modern day so called experts,You don't really hear of many old buildings falling down on their own,like so many of the projects built within the last 30-35 the fiasco's we've seen of bridges / overpasses...falling, or the big chunk out of the 'Big Owe' a few years back........perhaps the tradesman (most of them) were just better. Thanks for the photos Guy hf&rv