Sunday, January 11, 2009


Here is a 1956 photo of the Forum seen through the trees from the corner of Tupper and Closse wich I found on the STM site and wich I think members will enjoy, at least I do as it brings back many memories of my younger days.



Les F said...

That is a good old picture Guy,many of us walked through that park for the bus or going to the Forum for either a hockey game or to the Circus when we were little kids.....later years ,we headed up Closse above Saint Catherine and past the old Texan restaurant on the corner,and a few buildings up was a nightclub that alot of us went to, The Moustache....where many a pitcher of beer was had,(among other things) ..or so I'm told............hahahahaha Thanks for the Photo, HF&RV

Steve Gladwish said...


Good times in the balcony..of the Moustache.......
next morning different story...hahahaha


George Edwards said...

I can remember meeting Lizza Minelli there in the early 60's. She sat at our table while waiting for her "boyfriend". They had come to Montreal from New York City for a week's fun and whatever. Oh the memories.