Thursday, January 1, 2009

Connecting to my site

Gabbybob said that by usiing  non-members can visualize my site. However this works only for those already logged in to the multiply verdun connections site so it does not work for non-members. Looks like only members can visualize each other's site and those who want to see my site will have to join. Any other suggestions ?



Bob Gaboury said...

Hello Guy,
I just went to my wife's computer, who by the way is not familiar with the site at all, the computer has never been on Multiply. I typed in your multiply site " " and it brought up your site. I would send my friends the link and they will be able to see your site.
I then clicked on the view all on your site and all your pictures came up.

The only thing a visitor cannot do is make comments or any sort of postings..

Bob G
If you want them to see your photos then send them the link

Bob Gaboury said...

And here is another way to see what a person that is not signed in see your page.
Go to the very bottom left side of your " MySite" page, you will see a link that takes you to what others that are not signed in see.
here is what the links look like with a little green arrow pointing to them
Your Home Page has been viewed 38 times by 23 people, most recently on Dec 30, '08
==>> See Detailed Viewing History
==>> View This Page as Another User

Happy New Year
Bonne année

Ken McLaughlin said...

Start a blog? It's free and you can easily post pictures and text. You could probably create an archive type page too. People would not have to sign in, they could just go to the site. Of course, you are doing a lot of work and that might be too much. But if you do, I would recommend Wordpress. That would be - not to be confused with

Ken McLaughlin

Bob Gaboury said...

Morning Ken,
You are absolutely correct on Wordpress, I have 2 blogs that I designed from scratch and are active on the WWW. and

I have a question, are you familiar with servers, cPanels and/or web hosting?

Pat Perrotte said...

Hi, Guy,

Anyone who has their own site in Multiply can view anybody's site unless you block them. What they can't see is all the all the posts that are done.