Sunday, October 26, 2008

Global Monopoly

This may be old news to many Montrealers but for those who may not be living there any longer you may be interested to know about the new Global Monopoly edition. 
This new edition uses various cities around the world for the different realestate you can purchase.
Anyone who has ever played Monopoly knows that the most valued realestate was always Boardwalk.
Well Montreal is the new prime realesate spot on the Global Monopoly verison.

Now that Verdun is part of Montreal I guess it boosted Montreals realestate value. Haha.
Here is a link to the new game listing the various cities around the world and their placement. 
I do recall seeing an NHL version a few years back also.
A big blunder on the part of the Monopoly company though. They actually had the Leafs in the Boarwalk spot. Imagine!


metalman108 MSN said...

yes johnny   verdun is prime, own 2 duplexes and proud to be a verduner, verdun still is my home and always will be. i can be in verdun in no time and stay at home. there a very few from verdun or non who knows on this site?? the sad part those that left verdun can't afford to come back and just think of the past. home is home no matter were you live now, verdun is always my home. for years i posted pics of the present stuff on verdun, only the few thanked me those few that noticed, yet there's the ones that do the littlest as possible and want great returns. sad but true i'll continue walking the streets of verdun and enjoy the company of verduners on the street.      

stephenfredmond MSN said...

Yes Walter you walk.At least you can walk. Steve

les__f MSN said...

...........Yes JohnnyO,.....Montreal is Now the Prestigous Boardwalk Place.......   the HigH Rent spot on the board Pretty Cool I guess.........I wonder though if any of the rest of the world ,who buys & plays this old time boardgame,..even knows Montreal ??? or where it is........??   I Like to think so:         Thanks for the Reminder...............................   HF&RV