Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Canadian Tire has no Canadian Tires

I brought this subject up before but how come a nation wide Canadian company with a name like Canadian Tire does not sell any Canadian tires. I know Goodyear used to make tires in Quebec, Valleyfield I beleive but no more but is'nt there a tire company in Canada that does ? They sell tires made in China, Germany and the U.S.
I asked this question to the sales clerk and said that Canada does not make tires anymore and I did'nt hear any customers ask that question.


stephenfredmond MSN said...

Good Year Tire was in Waterville,Quebec until the Late 60 or early 70s I think.That's out near Lennoxville in the Eastern Township.Wasn't that Canada Tire on Verdun Ave.accross from Woodland School in the 50s? Steve

sgwu731 MSN said...

Guy, there is a large Goodyear Tire plant in Napanee, Ont - 20 mins west of Kingston. I wonder where their tires are going? There are Canadian Tire stores in Napanee, Kingston, Picton, Belleville and Trenton (all within 30 min of Napanee). Maybe the "system" doesn't allow a Canadian Tire employee to get in their truck and pick up some tires a couple of times/week from the Napanee plant (mileage paid, of course).   Ron