Friday, October 31, 2008


If you are over 50, chances are you owned a Chevrolet in your lifetime. My first car was a Chevrolet 1949 wich I purchased used in 1955. If I remember correctly, I had it for app. 2-3 years and changed for another Chevrolet 1956.
The enclosed article wich appeared in La Presse recently on Louis Chevrolet mentions that he lived in Montreal. Born in Switzerland in 1878, he left France in 1900 to live in Montreal and worked as a chauffeur at that time when mechanical knowledge was required. He joined Fiat in 1902 to drive their race cars. His brothers Arthur and Gaston joined him in 1912.and started manufacturing Chevrolet automobiles. He sold his shares in 1933 after having lost everything a he was a poor administrattor. He returned to Detroit and finished his life as a Chevrolet mechanic. Louis Chevrolet died in Florida in 1941 at the age of 63 and is buried in a cemetary in Indianapolis.
My first car

St. Willibrord School info - HELP!

I realize the following is a long shot request, but I'm going to ask anyway.
My mother went to St. Willibrord Elementary School back in the 50's. She mentioned this particular school reader from either her first or second grade that she really loved. I'm trying to find this book... or at least it's title or author... preferably for a Christmas gift.
All she remembers about the book is that it had something to do with the Bay of Fundy- either it was set there or one of the characters lived there.
If this rings any bells for anyone, no matter how slight, please let me know. The more pieces to the puzzle I can get, the closer to the title I become.
Thank you for your help!

Old Flames

A boyhood friend, Robert Goudie, asked me to see if anyone on V.C. remembers two girls from the 1950s.
One is Dorothy Smallcombe who lived on First and Verdun Avenue, and the other, Ivvone McFadden, lived on the corner of Second and Verdun Avenue (below an old folks home I believe).
Bill (Second Avenue)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

POM BAKERY - light fruit cakes

OK guys I am on a serious quest.  My family "sometimes" send me a POM fruit cake for Christmas - so I need some sleuths in Montreal or West Island or Brossard/St Hubert area to let me know if they spot the Christmas Fruit cakes in the can so that I can pass on sources.  They refuse to go to check out the various possibilities - such as Metro or Loblaws or IGA or????? My mother God rest her soul insisted on them tracking down a fruit cake for me - so folks if anyone spots these Christmas "must haves" could you post???? My son and DIL and 2 grand kids are coming to Calgary to spend Christmas/New Years with us so I have a carrier.

Winding Down ,What Say you ?

As we wind down VerdunConnections and it's almost 6 year run,...We would like to hear from all of you Members,on what you like or dislike or wish the Next Group would contain,
Or some of the ideas & maybe stories & photos you wish you would have shared with us............We would appreciate hearing
any of your thoughts,& How could we have done it better (in your opinion)..........We did strive to keep a common theme of
Verdun/Montreal/ or just how we all grew up......& a compilation of any photo's that seemed relevant to the overall theme..........but most of all We tried to Provide a Direct Link to
Our ( Collective) Past,....& a Place where we could all :
          Have Fun and Remember Verdun..........

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Canadian Tire has no Canadian Tires

I brought this subject up before but how come a nation wide Canadian company with a name like Canadian Tire does not sell any Canadian tires. I know Goodyear used to make tires in Quebec, Valleyfield I beleive but no more but is'nt there a tire company in Canada that does ? They sell tires made in China, Germany and the U.S.
I asked this question to the sales clerk and said that Canada does not make tires anymore and I did'nt hear any customers ask that question.

Remembrance Day Nov 11 2008

Fast approaching is Remembrance Day Nov 11 th ,2008
  it will be the last time we can express Our Appreciation of all the Vets ,on this Verdun Connections buy a Poppy if you can,.let's
 Remember Them:
................................."Lest We Forget".........................................................



Sunday, October 26, 2008

Global Monopoly

This may be old news to many Montrealers but for those who may not be living there any longer you may be interested to know about the new Global Monopoly edition. 
This new edition uses various cities around the world for the different realestate you can purchase.
Anyone who has ever played Monopoly knows that the most valued realestate was always Boardwalk.
Well Montreal is the new prime realesate spot on the Global Monopoly verison.

Now that Verdun is part of Montreal I guess it boosted Montreals realestate value. Haha.
Here is a link to the new game listing the various cities around the world and their placement. 
I do recall seeing an NHL version a few years back also.
A big blunder on the part of the Monopoly company though. They actually had the Leafs in the Boarwalk spot. Imagine!

MSN Group Closing February 2009

Can you advise us what are the implications of this notice and what are your plans
for the future of the 800 members of Verdun Connections.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

1980-1990 montreal newspapers

Where can I find old archived newspapers from the montreal area
I am looking for 2 Death notices
Emile Chopin died in December 1975
Dorothy Nicholls  in in the 1980'S

Thursday, October 23, 2008

bridge master

Any one rember the old bridge master in point st charles

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Looking for Sean Mccarthy

Anyone out there know the whereabouts of Sean McCarthy.He would be about 51 years old. He graduated from VHS with me in 1974, and was a long time childhood friend of mine. Our families were very close growing up. His Dad was George, his Mom was Eileen,and he had a sister Maureen that was a little bit older than he.We went through all of Elementary & High School together, and after that, we "lost touch". I know that they had moved to Lasalle at one point. I have been trying to find him for the longest time, but with no luck, so I thought I'd try Verdun Connections. I'd really love to find him. Thanks everyone! 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

still looking for Dorothy Nicholls.....

Still looking for Dorothy Nicholls  She lived in the Point St charles area in the 1960's-1980's . Please contact me with any info

Monday, October 13, 2008

Atwater Street Monster

I am simply fascinated by the Atwater street monster. I just can't picture this huge bus going up and down the Atwater hill specially in the winter on a icy street. I would like to get as much information as possible including where it was built and did it ever go to Verdun. Also,I am wondering if the bus terminal on the picture might be the Glen garage as I am familiar with the area having worked on Richelieu st in St Henri  and used to take the bus at the corner of Glen road and St Antoine street in the late 50s and the bus terminal was right at that corner. The autoroute Ville Marie is now situated at the top of the hill and Atwater is situated nearbuy, This will be excellant information for our historical society and I hope you can come up with plenty of information.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Verdun Motor Boat Club

Some old timer member may recall the VMBC when it was situated directly to the right of the Auditorium as shown in this 1962 photo. I had my boat there in the beginning of the 1950s and the enclosed photo shows me and my boat. Look at all the smoke coming from the Montreal factories in the background.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

VHS Reunion Poll

The planning committee will soon post a message here asking for your input. Here is a link to the poll: Please fill in the categories yourself. Thanks, Maggie

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Douglas Hospital 6875, boulevard LaSalle Year of construction 1890
As you see this picture it is only one building today I think the're six buildings in the adult section and some in the chidren's section,
all connected by tunnels.
Douglas Hospital
Hippodrome Blue Bonnets de Montr챕al 7440, boulevard D챕carie
Hippodrome Blue Bonnets de Montréal
Former Griffintown Police building 217-219, Young Street Year of construction 1875
Former Griffintown Police building
St. Antoine Market Year of construction 1861
St. Antoine Market
Hogan Bath Year of construction 1931 East of Margarit Bougouie Park on Wellington Street Pointe St.Charles
Hogan Bath

Buster Cheesemen

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows how to get in touch with Stephan (Buster) Cheeseman who lived  on third avenue.He married Laurane Driscoll who lived on 4th aveue near Verdun Avenue. Ernie and I were good friends of theirs and lost touch when we moved to United States and   we would love to get in touch with them to see how they are doing .Thanks Geri

Friday, October 3, 2008


I am looking for anyone who knows of Carol or Wendy Hartley these are my cousins and we kind of  lost touch.They lived behind Halpins funeral home in an apartment in the late 50s or early 60s. I am married to Ernie Lazure My name is Geraldine Lazure ( Bourdeau ).My grandmother lived at 833  3rd ave and Ernie lived at 786  3rd Avenue. I have been on this site before I lived in Plattsburgh. Now we  moved   to Albany  New York. I enjoy the site and the old pictures....Thanks Geri

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stories in transit and other jobs

This message has been deleted by the author.

Obit Phil Chiarella

See in memorium:

Donald R. Jones

at the age of 46, see notice posted in the "In memoriam" section.