Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Hi everyone, just a short note to bring everyone up-to-date with the Verdun Generation Gap 40th. Anniversary Reunion being held on July 19th. at the Verdun Legion. The response has been amazing and I have to sadly announce that the event is "SOLD OUT" My thanks to all who have contributed in some way. All proceeds will be going to charity and I will let everyone know what is happening in the near future.
The event will be filmed so ALL our friends spread over the globe will be able to see what went on even though they could not attend, again I will keep all posted when placed on U-Tube!!!!!
One other important note: There will be a Verdun get-together on July 18th. at the Hotel de la Montagne on Mountain St. at approximately 6:30 7:00 is on the rooftop terrace, ask or look for Glen Pilon, so come on down and enjoy the evening and see some old buddies.
Again "Thanks to all".
Dave McA for The Generation Gap


les__f MSN said...

Have a great time ,I know you all will.  For those of us who cannot be there in person ,we 'll look forward to seeing the You Tube film, hope you film from a bunch of different camera's ,as I'm sure there will be several there. Sounds like it's going to be a real blast............................HF&RV

les__f MSN said...

Anything new to report here yet? You-Tube or even some pics  ?  Good luck with that project ,if it's not complete yet........    HF&RV

les__f MSN said...

Sounds Great Dave ,Thanks for the update..................HF&RV

maggiemck MSN said...

Hi Dave, where can I access the "facebook" site?  

glennlarkin MSN said...

Hi Maggie, Try this link, it should take you right there. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1183712826   This is a public facebook site.  Note that most are private and you have to signup to facebook to see who is on their site.  You may want to consider signing up.  And be prepared, there are a lot of pictures and a short video....   Enjoy.