Sunday, July 27, 2008

Reunion at the Legion

Hi all, I'd love to know how everything went and if there's pictures anywhere to be seen. I would've been there if I could. Details please.

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gorderic MSN said...

Hi Wendy:   I don't recall that there were any photos being taken. Our table consisted of:   Liz Ludlow Karen Ingram (Gibbons) Terri Zatylni Les Ranger Barry Ranger George O'Reilly Kevin Devereaux Glen Pilon John Mortimer Roy Molyneux (Roy, sorry for the spelling) Steve Christophe (an original photo contributer to V.C.)   I hadn't seen George O'Reilly or Barry Ranger for over 40 years, so that was an added bonus.   You can look under the Generation Gap thread for other updates.   Gord Gibbons Brampton, Ontario