Saturday, April 28, 2012

Knox Bridge

To me the nicest bridge in the whole of Montreal is the Knox bridge at Bishop Power boulevard in LaSalle and resembles the european architecture. I took this photo in 2007 when photographing the 10 bridges over the aqueduc and which are shown in my album no. 3.

Judge for yourselves:

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Les F said...

As a bridge it does have nice architecture, but as a visual landmark, I doubt you can beat the 4th avenue bridge with it's large rainbow like arches.Also I would have to bet that if you were to ask anyone in your travels who came from Verdun,'which ' bridge they remembered,I would think most would answer 4th/Jolicieur .
I do agree though that this BishopPower/Schevcheko bridge looks very historic almost royal like in it's appearance,something that would fit in over the Thames or an English countryside.... Cheers ! HF&RV - Les